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Pearl Fong, Associate VP, to give presentation in 3rd annual Biosimilars Summit

Nov. 7-8, Pearl Fong, Mycenax Biotech Inc. associate vice present Pearl Fong was invited as speaker to share the experience and strategy for the development of biosimilars in the 3rd annual of IBC Biosimilars summit. By setting the price of products more competitive with strategic market planning, there will be more opportunities for biosimilars market expansion.
On the other hand, in terms to reaching the requirements of fast-changing regulatory standards for biosimilars, mapping the guidance among different regions are essential for developing strategies. In the keynote, Pearl specifically shared the latest three stage approaches of process validation for downstream process between FDA and EMA.    

The conference attracts professionals from global biotech Industry, provides a platform to discuss the current vital issues, the breakthrough of development for biosimilars, regulatory issues and market assessment.