Mycenax Biotech Inc.


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Mycenax presented new technology platforms for biologics process development and update pipelines in Taiwan Bio 2017

The Bio Taiwan exhibition was finished successfully on 2 July 2017. This year over 600 companies participated for the exhibition, and more than 90,000 attendees came for networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. As one of the largest biotech events in Asia, Mycenax attended Bio Taiwan to present new technical breakthrough for protein process development, and present pipelines of new drug and biosimilars. 
TuNEX®’s phase III clinical study for (rheumatoid arthritis) RA was completed, and the market approval will be obtained first in Taiwan (in 2017 Q3); by then Mycenax will be the first manufacturing biopharma company of the first biologics in Taiwan. Mycenax is looking for licensees or co-developers who have capability of local trial management, and welcomes possible partnership and cooperation.

LusiNEX (reference medical product Actemra®/RoActemra®) is a biosimilar act as IL-6R antagonist. By binding IL-6R, it blocks the inflammatory response and alleviates joint erosion. CTA/IND submission in Europe and Taiwan are expected in 2017. The process development of LusiNEX has been completed and successfully scale-up to 2000L scales and aims to enter clinical study in 2017 Q3. Mycenax believes the development of LusiNEX will be a promising route together with TuNEX to build up a portfolio for RA.

In turns of showing the capacity on end-to-end services of protein drug development, this year Mycenax held a series of keynote session; president Karen Wen and scientists of Mycenax shared milestones and new technical platforms with public and potential partners.