Mycenax Biotech Inc.


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Upstream Process Development

Mycenax’ state-of-the-art biomanufacturing facilities use the most advanced equipment such as scalable fermenters and single-use bioreactors to meet the needs for every development stage of your product. Our modular facility concept and proprietary technology platforms allow flexible and effective conduct of all upstream process development activities, including cell clone screening, media screening, process optimization, product quality modulation, and process scale-up. High-throughput screening for culture supplements and critical process parameters is conducted efficiently by a microbioreactor system.

Our Capabilities

  • Screening of production cell clones
  • High-density cell banking
  • Process establishment of fed-batch processes and continuous perfusion processes
  • Screening of media and feeds
  • Customized medium development
  • Media and feeding strategy optimization
  • Process parameters optimization
  • Quality attribute modulation
  • Process scale-up
  • Reliable technical transfer, verification, and optimization of clients’ upstream processes
  • Supply of material for every development stage
  • Establishment and qualification of down-scale models to support process characterization and process validation
  • Use of Mycenax’ proprietary technology platforms such as MBICHO Medium, MBIFastTM, MBIMicro, and MBIJumpTM

Equipment and Technology

  • ambr 15 systems
  • 2 - 2000 L scalable bioreactors
  • 5 - 50 L fermenters
  • 2 - 200 L WAVE bioreactors
  • Automatic cell counters
  • CuBiAn culture biochemistry analyzer
  • LabChip GXII protein characterization system