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High titer Microbial platform

Vectron Biosolutions AS, a Norway-based service provider, mainly focuses on developing broad-host-range vector technology for industrial production of recombinant proteins. Its VB Expression Technology has been demonstrated to be suitable for high-level production of many different proteins in Escherichia coli. To offer a cost-efficient and complete solution for microbial production of therapeutic proteins, Mycenax possesses a non-exclusive collaboration with Vectron.

Under this cooperation, a stable cell clone with high-level production (up to 50 g/L) and low-level insolubility can be developed by Vectron. No antibiotic is required in the manufacturing process. Then, the microbial strains will be transferred to Mycenax’ state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility. By following MBI in-house regulator development procedure, a high cell density fermentation (OD600>150) and an entire purification process with a typical tag system will be established to achieve remarkable productivity and recovery. Finally, a 50L/250L GMP DP production can be performed in Mycenax facility. Through this platform, it only takes 12 to 14 months from the DNA sequence to  GMP drug product (DP) production.

Provide services while using (key material/ process/ equipment):

  • Cell line development platform
  • MBIMicroTM platform
  • HIS-SUMO purification platform
  • Development and qualification of the QC method
  • Engineering run and GMP production
The key considerations for strategic alliance include:
  • A technology platform can achieve stable microbial strains with yields of up to 50 g/L. Reduce the COG
  • A strategic alliance can only take 12 to 14 months from DNA to GMP production.
  • High cell density fermentation and typical tag purification to acquire a high level of protein production.
  • Antibiotic-free manufacturing process
Advanced technology:
  • Novel expression vector system to identify the most appropriate microbial expression vector for maximized protein yield.