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Corporate Governance

Board of Directors consists of 9 members, include 2 independent directors, held meeting every quarter.
Based on the need of business model, operation and development needs, the board recruited members with great experiences and profession of finance, accounting, marketing, business administration, and industry to provide professional advice and consulting. 
Title                                     Name
Chariman                            CHEN,TE-LI (Representative of Center Laboratories, INC)
Title                                     Name
Director                               WEN,KUO-LAN
Director                               HUANG,YI-HSU 
Director                               TSAI,SHU-HSUAN (Representative of NIEN HSING INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO.,Ltd)
Director                               CHANG,HUNG-JEN 
Director                               CHEN,CHUN-HUNG
Director                               KUO,MING-LIANG (Representative of National Development Fund,
                                             Executive Yuan) 

Title                                     Name
Independent director        KAO,KUO-PIN
Independent director        KU,MAN-CHIN


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